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After months without updates, I decided to spruce up this blog. I am a big fan of the Sean Wes podcast. Today, I listened to an episode that really spoke to me; it is called "Taking Action", which is what I am doing now.

The big takeaway from the podcast episode is to be a creator, not a consumer. Be a Creator. Do not be a Consumer. My reaction is that being a consumer leads to feeling at the whim of other forces. Being a creator helps with personal growth, gives me control, and allows me to inspire. It is easy and passive to consume. It takes initiative and planning to create.

One excuse for not creating is being "busy". I have serious doubts that people are as busy as they say. For example, I spend at least an hour a day reading the Reddit front page (entries and comments). That is what I have chosen to do with free evening time. After listening to the podcast, I wondered, "What if I spent half an hour improving my blog? I still have half an hour for Reddit."

After a few months, my blog would be much improved. How it could be better:

  1. Better content. I could have detailed articles about tech concepts I know (or want to learn). I frequently seek information from Stack Overflow, but do not contribute. I want to give back some of that knowledge karma.
  2. Better graphics. I am using a Lilly Pulitzer graphic (and a twee title). That was a placeholder from over a year ago. I want to replace with something better.
  3. Better personal site. This blog is a part of beldachan.com. I would like to update the features available there to reflect my current interests and technical skill set.

posted 2015-04-21 22:26:14 -0700 by Belda

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